Seeing as Niall Horan remins fairly tight lipped about his romances and life of love and mystery, it's lucky for the rest of us that his family seem to be such gossipers.

His brother Greg has told Heat magazine that Niall "doesn't have time" for a girlfriend - let alone the lovely Demi Lovato who we're so keen to see him get it on with (not actually see, pervs), and that he and the One Direction boys scope out potential girlfriends on Twitter!

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niall horan on flying start plane

"They test girls out to make sure they are trustworthy," Greg told Heatworld.

“[Niall] will follow you on Twitter for a while and suss you out, make sure you’re genuine and have you out – then go for it! So watch what you’re saying on Twitter. Make sure you’re coming across as genuine.

“It’s not full on straight away. He’ll maybe go for coffee. They are all quite innocent in their own way but what teenage lad does not love the ladies?"

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niall horan and louis tomlinson from one direction

It's not as if Niall's exactly short of female admirers either now, is it G-Dawg?

"He has a lot of female friends that he goes out with, but he's not going to start seeing them seriously because he doesn't have the time," he told Heat.

"If he found a girl he would want to give all his time to them, and it would be stupid for him to leave the band over a girl. [Niall and Demi] are very good friends and I've spoken to her on Skype - Niall would like a girl like that."

niall horan and liam payne

"A girl that deep down really, really understands the life. What the boys go through, nobody else can understand. They'd be good for each other."



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