What if One Direction are ALL secret superheroes?

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Ever since Liam Payne announced that his gammy kidney had magically healed itself ALL ON ITS OWN, we've found ourselves deep in thought about just how that was possible.

We turned to Grey's Anatomy for medical advice, we even went on Wikipedia a few times before coming to the reasonable conclusion that Liam Payne must actually be Claire Bennett from Heroes, with the power to heal himself. Or herself.

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liam payne claire bennett heroes

But it doesn't stop at Liam - OH NO. We've thought about the rest of the boys' chracteristics too, and figured that they must all have some dark alter-egos lurking beneath the surface.

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A clear fan of some fruity action, and a bloke whose banana has been busier than Oxford Circus tube station this year, Harry Styles has a clear alliance with




harry styles as bananaman

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With a chiselled jawline and a penchant for leather, a troubled soul and a moody stare, it makes sense that Zayn Malik was probably separated from Batman at birth.

zayn malik batman

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Obviously, Niall Horan is a fan of eating. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been known to put away more than a few pizzas in their time, and also have a knack for bouncing around with more energy than Caroline Flack in the M&S boys' department.

So Niall is clearly their brother-from-another-mother (and they totally count as superheroes).

niall horan teenage mutant ninja turtles

Just Louis left now, click next to see what's in store for him...


Sassy, kick-ass, and MOODY AS FRICK when something's pulling the wrong strings, Louis Tomlinson could be no other superhero on the planet other than Catwoman.

From the Halle Berry era, obviously.

louis tomlinson as catwoman

What do you think? Did we get it right or are there affiliations that we missed?

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