"Ed Sheeran's got a new Pingu tattoo, he takes the pain well." Exclusive chat with Ed's tattoo artist Kevin Paul

Ed Sheeran is a mysterious soul isn't he? When he's not permanently drawing a locket on Harry Styles' hand, he's apparently been getting tattooed himself by Celebrity Inker Kevin Paul, who's recently done new work for Hazza, Aston Merrygold, Aiden Grimshaw and Rizzle Kicks just to name a few.

"I tattooed Ed and Harry Styles last night," Kevin told us today.

ed sheeran with kevin paul tattoo

"Ed had a portrait of Pingu, so that only took 40 mins / half an hour, so nothing took that long to do, and Ed's fine with the pain. He takes it really, really well. He's got a half-sleeve now and we were working at the top.

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"Ed's always really chatty and is a really nice guy," Kevin went on, telling us that he and Mr Sheeran seem to have become pretty close after working on Ed's bodyart so much together - they've had sleepovers and EVERYTHING.

"Ed’s given me some gold records from when he sold like, I dunno, a million records in Australia or something. He just gave them to me. He’s so nice."

ed sheeran tattoo

"When he moved into his new house I went down and tattooed him there, and we all stayed over for the night because I had to be in London the next day to tattoo Aston from JLS.

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"We’re working towards a TV show now," Kevin went on.

"I don’t know if Harry will be on it, probably. Ed definitely will and Rizzle Kicks have said they’ll definitely do it, with a few other people as well. It’ll be normal tattooing, celebrity tattooing, everything."

What do you guys think of Ed's ink?

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Ed Sheeran tattoos Harry Styles

Kevin Paul talks to us about Harry's new tattoos

PICS: Kevin Paul Twitter

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