Niall Horan's braces are coming off

When we heard that Niall Horan was planning to take off his braces, we naturally imagined it was going to involve some sort of elaborate One Direction striptease, probably to What Makes You Beautiful.

But as nice as that image is, it turns out that Nialler actually meant the ones attached to his teeth and not the elasticated ones Louis Tommo occasionally lets him have a twang of if he says please and thankyou.

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Niall Horan Smile Gallery

Despite the disappointing lack of nudity, it's nice to have a little update on the state of Niall's pearly whites and it sounds like he's impressed his dentist so much that he got sent away from his latest appointment with a sticker and a sugar-free lollipop.

"Been to dentist today ! got them tightened up and stuff! he tells me i will be gettin braces off in 6 months...teeth moving fast ! sick, " Niall tweeted. [sic]

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We hope that's not Usain Bolt fast Nialler. The idea of dancing teeth waving miniature flags about in celebration scares us, even if it is inside your gob.

Anyway, despite a few teething issues when he first got them fitted, it's also good to hear that his braces haven't stopped him being able to shove as much food in his face as usual.

"Meself and @zaynmalik are goin for the pot noodle and wotsits days again! love it," he added.

Niall Horan Smile Gallery

Well we're glad everything in your mouth is looking good Niall, but if you need some help getting to grips with the world of brace-free snogging, we'll happily offer ourselves up for you to practice on.

We're generous like that.

Oh look! It's the Niall Horan smile gallery

Niall Horan gets a brace

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