Liam Payne gets Tom Daley's number - and asks him out

Liam Payne is a thoughtful soul, isn't he? When Daddy Directioner heard about scum-of-the-earth trolls tweeting abuse at Tom Daley recently, he only went and took the diving love-god on a 'great night out' to cheer him up.

Ummm, Liam, we're suffering from a touch of the Monday morning blues today - fancy taking us out sometime soon? We're not fussy where we go honest. We'll even pay for the drinks.

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LIam Payne takes Tom Daley on a night out

Liam told The Sun: “I heard about that troll and thought it was awful. So I got Tom’s number and we arranged a great night out.”

Liam's WELL LOVELY girlfriend and our hair idol Danielle Peazer also joined the pair's festivities, and judging from this photo she posted on twitter last week, everyone was having a whale of a time. Just look at those smiles.

Liam takes Tom Daley on a night out

And while Dani revealed that their new friend had agreed to give her a diving lesson, there's no word yet as to whether Liam will be joining in. (In a tiny pair of speedos, we hope)

Actually, we're sort of hoping this is the beginning of a brand new bromance between Tom and Liam - after all they've already got pretty much identical haircuts.

On a scale of one to OHMYGODLIAMISANANGEL, how much did this story make you go, 'AWWWW'?

Tom Daley to give Danielle Peazer a diving lesson

Tom Daley diving into things

Tom Daley targeted by Twitter troll


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