Tom Daley denies Kassidy Cook is his girlfriend

Despite being snapped in various coupley poses together, holding hands on nights out, having arms draped around each other in taxis and generally being very "WE ARE A THING" about their lives, Tom Daley has denied that Kassidy Cook is his girlfriend.


tom daley and kassidy cook

"No, well... no," he told heat mag when they asked if Tom and Kassidy were together.

"We're just really good friends.

"She dislocated her shoulder about three weeks ago, and she was a bit upset, so I said; "Well why don't you come over to Plymouth and stay in London and just chillax with me for a week?"

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tom daley and kassidy cook

Tom apparently did a lot of stammering and blushing when he was asked if he and Kassidy had ever snogged, laughing and saying "Well, you know... we're friends."


"I think I'm too young for a relationship," he went on.

"I've always been quite independent, so I quite like not having a relationship - just generally being young, I guess. I like a girl who looks after herself and exercises, because I'm always around athletes."

tom daley nearly naked

"You have to be able to make me laugh, too."

Well Tom, seeing as you're supposedly still on the market, allow us to tell you our fave wise-crack; Three divers walk into a bar...

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Pics: Twitter / PA

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