Prince Harry has naked fun in Las Vegas

Prince Harry has been photographed in the buff in a Las Vegas hotel room, after a frivolous game of Sptrip Billiards (which has to be the poshest naked game EVER, asides from Strip Croquet).

US gossip website TMZ published the photos early this morning, but they're pretty much along the lines of this;

prince harry naked photoshop

But in a fancy hotel room with ambient lighting. You get the gist.

Earlier this week his Princeness managed to remain pretty un-spotted when he was hanging out by his hotel pool, as J-Lo was busy sunning herself nearby. He's been spending time with five male and five female friends in a plush resort, drinking cocktails and playing with inflatables LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

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Which as all well and good until he raced Olympian Ryan Lochte in his hotel pool, and Usain Bolt in the grounds - apparently getting holiday makers to hold Lochte's legs so that Harry could win.

Hazza sounds like a hoot.

Now we're all set for the next Royal Wedding, which seems likely to take place in a Vegas chapel at stupid o'clock in the morning, involving an Elvis costume and a Hawaiian lei - because those things seem to get everywhere.

Keep it up Haz.

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