Liam Hemsworth looking HOT in a suit on Paranoia set in Philadelphia

Liam Hemsworth needs no help in the hotness-stakes as it is, but when we spotted him on the set of his new flick Paranoia wearing a FRICKIN' SUIT, all kinds of dribble came out all over our keyboards.

Strewth, that's one fine specimen of a man.

liam hemsworth in a suit on the set of philadelphia

Suits are one thing that we usually say make any man hotter, along with the classic trick of standing next to someone less hot than you, and The Hemz has managed to pull off both tricks at the same time by hanging around a frighteningly old looking Harrison Ford on set.

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We feel sad looking at Harrison. He's like a lttle mole or something. Indiana Moles.

But Liam cheers us up (in our pants).

liam hemsworth and harrison ford on set of paranoia

The Hemz, who also manages to look bodacious *out* of his suit (in other clothes, not naked, but we're sure he manages to look alright in the buff as well), has recently said he thinks girlfriend Miley Cyrus's choppy new haircut looks great, and only managed to slightly grimace about it.

He's so noble.

liam hemsworth on set of paranoi in philadelphia

Alas, Harrison still looks moley.

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