Leonardo DiCaprio invites Robert Pattinson on lads holiday?

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There have been all sorts of rumours about what Robert Pattinson has been up to since he broke up with Kristen Stewart. But he can stop crying over her baseball cap collection as Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently decided it's his duty to cheer him up by taking him on a lads weekend to Puerto Rico.

Robert Pattinson invited on lads holiday with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Although they don't actually know each other, Leo apparently extended the hand of friendship through mutual pal Reese Witherspoon, inviting Rob to hang out on the set of his latest movie.

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"Leo has been one of Rob's role models for years, and Rob was totally taken by surprise when Leo called him," a source told Showbiz spy

"He invited Rob along on a getaway he's planning when he's in Puerto Rico for the wrap party on the movie he's producing, Runner, Runner."

With Rob reportedly not wanting to talk to Kristen right now, we'd imagine the idea of a lads holiday sounded rather inviting. Especially as a Leo Di Caprio lads weekend is probably a whole lot fancier than a battered sausage outside the local chippy sort of affair.

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Robert Pattinson invited on lads holiday with Leonardo DiCaprio?

"Leo wants to book a mansion at a secret location on the coast so he and his pals can party in private," the insider continued.

"He's kept an eye on Rob's career ever since people started calling him the next Leonardo DiCaprio."

"Leo figured it would be great for him to hang out with a bunch of laid-back guys.

"Leo joked they could compare baseball cap collections - and told Rob before he knew it, he'd be dating a model, just like him!"

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If these reports are even vaguely true, we have to say that we are pretty jeals of old R-Patz. If Leo's feeling that bad for him we'd imagine he'll even let Rob recreate the classic Titanic front of the boat moment.

Frankly, if anything is going to mend your broken heart, we'd imagine it's having Leo spoon you at the front of a cruise ship.

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