We finally get a good look at the tattoo Ed Sheeran gave Harry Styles

For ages now we’ve been scouring the internet trying to look for a picture of the “little locket padlock thing” that Ed Sheeran tattooed on One Direction's Harry Styles, but struggled to find anything that just didn’t resemble a squashed fly.

Last night however, when ‘Arreh was out for Liam Payne’s birthday an eagle-eyed pap managed to get a lovely little close up on the new ink. (We can’t pull off calling it “ink”, can we?)

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Check out Hazza’s padlock thing in all its wonky glory.

Harry Styles' padlock tattoo

Now we don’t mind that actually, sure we could do the same on our arms in biro, but that just runs the risk of people finding out how little we wash.

Good job though Ed, fancy coming over here and tattooing a small ginger man on our arms? Our parents would love that...

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