Harry Styles has his eye on a new older woman

We all know that Harry Styles has a penchant for the older lady; he admires their wisdom, confidence and love of Phillip Schofield.

So we can hardly say we were surprised about a recent middle-aged lady he’s tweeted about.

Yup that’s right, the One Direction hotster has a thang for (well, misses) 59-year-old funny lady Ruby Wax. She’s WELL SASSY.

Maybe Arreh can be the one to reignite her career (although we’re pretty sure she does still work quite a bit).

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Picture the scene: Ruby has decided to make a funny documentary on men who have uncontrollable urges around cougars.

She makes jokes and playfully torments Hazza about his fling with women aged 32. Harry laughs and does his weird hair flick, as this happens his eyes meet Ruby’s. There’s a moment. It’s blink and you’ll miss it, but it’s definitely there.

“Would you like a ride home in my Range Rover?”


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