Zac Efron looks hot in a suit at Venice Film Festival

Zac Efron swanned along to the Venice Film Festival this weekend, where he was promoting his new flick At Any Price. Zefron made the genius move of donning various suits for his journeys down the red carpet, and looked BODACIOUS in all his choices.

zac efron at venice film festival in a suit

Look at him here, casually leaving the car... "Oh, is that a photographer? Too bad he's caught me in this nonchalant pose with my hand on my neck mid-stride..."

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Zac spent time signing autographs and having pictures taken with fans lining the red carpet, as rumours began to do the rounds this weekend that he'd landed a new role in Are We Officially Dating, a film about three friends in New York "who make a pact to remain single as they start to fall in love."

zac efron venice film festival

As long as he keeps wearing suits like these he can do any damn film he wants as far as we're concerned.

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