Justin Bieber gets naked - PICS

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We'd like to tell you that there is a strong sense of story to this article, but frankly it's mainly about the fact that Justin Bieber has not only been taking his clothes off, but posting pictures of it online.

It is a mystery as to whether he is wearing any undercrackers or not, but luckily we are to investigate this extremely important matter not just for our sake, but for that of THE WORLD.

Justin Bieber gets naked - pics

Having seen the way the Biebs is usually here there and everywhere from dawn until dusk, we had naturally assumed he was part alien. But apparently he is human after all and tweeted some snaps of himself to prove what a grouch potato he can be first thing in the morning.

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"Getting out of bed is too difficult. I think i hit the snooze button 20 times this morning," he said, before posting about a million snaps of himself.

Investigating the snaps out of purely professional curiosity, we noticed that not only does Justin look like he is BUTT NAKED, but he appears to have gone and got a new tatt inked onto his naked flesh too.

He doesn't seem to trust our meticulous eye / perving ability and felt the need to clarify, saying: "New tattoo its a crown if you couldn't tell." [sic]

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Justin Bieber gets naked - PICS

We don't know about you, but when we wake up we generally feel like punching a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in the face opposed to taking a gazillion photos of ourselves partially naked on a fake fur throw.

But apparently El Biebo is a better man than us and managed to pose seemingly naked in all manner of positions, including in this nice crouchy one with his weird furry bedclothes positioned artistically around his manly bits.

One thing we did find rather impressive is that his barnet still looks very quiffy first thing in the morning. We don't know how much wax he's got in that barnet but it seems to have resisted a full night of sleepy time shenanigans. By which we mean his dreams, obviously.

Anyway, if normal nudity isn't enough for you, El Biebo also does disco naked..

Justin Bieber gets naked - PICS

Well that was nice wasn't it? We're not sure whether these naked mornings are going to become a regular part of El Biebo's routine, but we probably wouldn't start complaining if they are.

What do you think? Loving it or would you prefer he left a little more to the imagination?

Comments below please!

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Images: Twitter / Justin Bieber

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