Justin Bieber in trouble for posing with a gun with Selena Gomez.

Uh-oh. Justin Bieber's managed to get himself very severely frowned upon by the Twittersphere after posing with a fake gun for a photo with Selena Gomez on set of her new film Feed The Dog.

justin bieber poses with a gun and selena gomez

El Biebo's receiving comments along the line of him being a bad influence to his "impressionable" fans, being insensitive to the recent gun-crimes in America, and of glamorising gun-use.

One website even went as far as to say; "What's most disturbing about the photo is how the Biebs is narrowing his eyes and emitting an ominous and scary stare. He looks like someone who might brandish a gun..."

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A pretty full-on assessment if you ask us (which you didn't, but whatevs).

justin bieber posing with a fake gun

Do you think El Biebo was being irresponsible with his gun shot?

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Pic: Twitter

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