One Direction sign big fat Pepsi advertising deal

One Direction are set to rake in even more money than they've already managed to roll around in, as they've reportedly signed a juicy advertising deal with Pepsi over in the ol' US of A.

They're said to have filmed an ad in New Orleans already, where they star as themselves alongside some famous names from American Football.

one direction sign pepsi deal

"This is a huge deal for them in monetary terms — but even bigger for status as the coverage they’ll get from it is massive," someone who claims to know a lot about One Direction's bank balances told The Sun.

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“They’re already stars across America, but this could catapult them to superstardom.

"The boys were under strict instructions to stay quiet on this one and refrain from tweeting about their whereabouts. They flew to Tampa before boarding a private jet laid on by Pepsi to New Orleans where they met Drew Brees, who taught them the ropes on American football. Other football stars are in the ad too.

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"They are very rich boys but they still have to grab the commercial deals when they come along, especially something as big as Pepsi. They’re not a band who can rely on royalties.”

one direction sign pepsi deal

Er, yeah, because they don't sell much music do they? The boys are also said to be getting more songwriting credits on album number two, which will mean more moola for them once that handful of people pick up the record.

Sigh. We're off to Tesco for our value meal-deal lunch.

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