Fancy seeing Tom Daley in his school uniform?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Tom Daley bloody loves being Tom Daley. And that’s fine, we love his love too, especially when it means he tweets pictures of himself every day.

Now usually we like to see Master Tom looking like this:

Tom Daley

It’s pure perfection and we’re seriously considering getting the image tattooed to the inside of our eyelids so we can see it every time we blink. That’s how blinking works right?

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Anyway, just when we thought nothing could beat the hotness of toplessness, Tommy D tweeted a pic of himself in his school uniform.

Tom Daley

Why didn’t boys look like that when we went to school? Well, Adam Hansen did a bit. Oh Adam Hansen….

Loving a bit if Tom in uniform, or would you rather he kept strictly to Speedos from now on?

If you want more Tom Daley topless action, check out his holiday pics or have a perv on him looking nearly naked at the Olympics


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