LOL: The Wanted get mistaken for One Direction - video

While loads of bands could have thrown huge diva strops and stormed off after being mistaken for another group, The Wanted thought they’d have some fun with an interviewer who mistook them for One Direction. (Seriously? Does she work in trade finance or something usually?)

The Wanted

In a chat which we’re going to describe as “banterous” (we hate that word but can’t think of anything else), the boys thought they might as well just play along and pretend to be 1D.

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They took the opportunity to say that The Wanted are the coolest band in the world, to expect a collaboration with The Wanted, that I Found You is much better than that Glad You Came song, and that The Wanted have massive... egos. Fair enough.

Check out the video here.

Last night on Twitter Louis Tomlinson was getting a bit sassy about it all, posting: “I quote 'it's better than ours , ha much better'. Not sure ...”; to which Nathan Sykes appeared to reply: “Truth hurts...”

Oh boys. Now how about you both calm down, come over to Sugarscape with your massive “egos” and we’ll find a way for us all to be friends?

We sounded like pervy old men just then. Apologies.

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