The meaning behind Zayn Malik's newest tattoo - revealed

As most of you will be aware, Zayn Malik used the MTV VMAs as a chance to show off his newest tattoo – a big old ‘ZAP!’ on his forearm - that had most of going ‘eh?’ and wondering what an earth it could mean.

From speculating that 'ZAP' stands for 'Zayn and Perrie' to the possibility that The Bradford Bad Boi wanted to remind himself of a new nickname he's been trying out, we spent hours (ok, maybe minutes) coming up with theories behind his latest inking. 

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Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo at MTV VMAs

Well fear not scapers, because the mystery HAS BEEN SOLVED. Yes, we know, it’s a huge relief.

We stumbled across this little clip online, from a One Direction interview that took place way back when the boys were touring the land down under – an interview that seems to reveal the secret meaning behind the tatt.

Are you ready? Zayn Malik, it appears, is a founding member of a SECRET SOCIETY.

Dun Dun Daaaaaaaa.

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Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo

In footage from the radio interview with, the boys are asked about ‘Zap’  - and it's Zayn who gives a rather illuminating answer.

"Basically, it's a secret society of club Zappers" he says. "Me and Louis are Captain Zappers, the other boys - they're a part of club Zap but they're not Captains, they're just on the board of Directors."

"If you want to join club Zap, stay tuned," adds Louis, rather mysteriously.

So there you have it – the boys of One Direction have formed a gang.

But hang on,didn’t Louis say that he was a ‘Captain’ too? (NO LOUIS TOMLINSON, YOU ARE CAPTAIN SASSYPANTS) why hasn’t he got his own Zap tatt?

Perhaps it’s somewhere we can’t see. Like his bodacious bum.

What do you think, do you want to join the ZAP gang?

Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo at the MTV VMAs 2012

Harry Styles has a quiff. We repeat, Harry Styles has a quiff.

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