Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer & Josh Devine in 'Liam's birthday trailer'

Being a member of One Direction, there's not much normal about Liam Payne's life these days. Whereas most of us put up with a weird Photoshopped card from the office and a half-arsed night down the pub for our coming-of-age celebrations, Liam headed down to swank London nightspot Funky Buddha for just one of his birthday nights out.

liam payne and danielle peaer in funky buddha

Which was obviously all captured on film, and made into a trailer for what we assume will be a Liam Payne birthday MINI MOVIE?!

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liam payne in funky buddha for his birthday

Funky Buddha posted the trailer today, where we see Liam being adorned in at least two different birthday cakes - to add to the batman one Danielle Peazer got for him, and probably one of Gary Barlow's face that Gary Barlow got for him, and a note in an empty cake box saying 'Sorry, I was hungry' from Niall.

liam payne and danielle peazer out in funky buddha

We see Liam saying that this is definitely "one of the best birthdays I've ever had" (obviously not wanting to offend anyone who put effort in to any of his previous birthdays, being captain sensible 'n' all), champagne get sprayed about in the infmaous champagne fight, and Danielle Peazer's lovely hair.

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liam payne and danielle peazer

The full video's getting uploaded on the 16th of September, and we're holding out for a gripping storyline involving Niall getting refused entry, Zayn Malik's hair dramas, Louis doing some kind of screw-the-lightbulb-pat-the-dog on his own under a spotlight, and Harry off shagging someone in the corner.

We can but dream.

liam payne tongue out in funky buddha

Harry Styles celebrates Liam's birthday by chatting up some Playboy models. Obvs.

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