Louis Tomlinson's mum reveals more details about his charity football match

After Louis Tomlinson told us all there was 'big news coming soon' before promptly revealing pretty much every detail on his Twitter account earlier this week, his FIT mum has given the Yorkshire Post some more snippets of information about the charity football match with Luigi's team The Three Horseshoes against Doncaster Rovers.

Seriously though, all the One Direction mums are BOOM TING.

johannah tomlinson on louis charity football match

"Louis is having talks with Rovers about the plan," said Jay. Sexily, we imagine.

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"The game is going to be in October but Louis doesn’t want the date released just yet. He wants to fill the stadium and the capacity is 15,000. They were originally trying to get a game against the reserve team but now it looks like it could be against the first team.

“Louis is hoping some of the other members of the group will come along. He and Liam both love football and so does Niall but he has to be careful because he doesn’t want to upset the players who usually turn out for the team by packing it full of celebrities. “If the other group members don’t play they may well be there to support him.”

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She went on to say that Louis was a mini football fanatic as a kid, so this will be pretty much a day of DREAMS for him and his lovely legs.

louis tomlinson as a baby in football shorts

"Louis used to play every Sunday and train three times a week," she went on.

"He’s really excited because this is a massive project for him. He still loves his football and he wants to make a lot of money for charity.”

Watch this space for more deets! (Or, y'know, Louis' Twitter, where he reveals all his secrets...)

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