Justin Bieber Exclusive: "David Blaine is working on magic tricks for my tour"

Justin Bieber has revealed that his World Tour will feature magic tricks - devised by none other than David Blaine.

We were lucky enough to be present at Justin's secret gig at BBC HQ yesterday, where he performed an exclusive set for the Radio 1 Teen Awards 'Teen Hero' nominees, before answering any burning questions they had for him.

It was EPIC.

justin bieber exclusive: david Blaine working on magic tricks for my world tour"

Well, one nominee asked El Biebo what we can expect from his World Tour - and rather surprisingly, the answer was 'magic tricks.'

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"Last time, before my world tour I only had a week to rehearse, but this time I have like, two months - so there’s a lot more going into the production," said Justin. 

"We’re going to have magic tricks in the show., Yeah, David Blaine is working on my tour which will be cool."

Justin Bieber exclusive magic tricks david blaine tour

Ye gods. For those of you who don't remember, David Blaine once lived in a glass box suspended over the River Thames for 44 days without food, froze himself in a block of ice, and stood on the top of 100ft pole for 35 hours.

Which as you can imagine, has us slightly apprehensive for the J-Dawg.

Still, sounds like his tour is going to be one of a kind! Do you have tickets?

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