Niall Horan's birthday charity golf adventure - pics

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In the spirit of One Direction's latest charity adventures, Niall Horan refrained from pouring champagne over himself and staggering out of a nightclub at 5am covered in women and STIs for his birthday, and instead hosted a charity golf BONANZA in his hometown of Mullingar.

niall horan birthday golf

KEITH DUFFY FROM BOYZONE WAS THERE, which may not get people as excited as we are, but this picture certainly brought on some mild heart palpatations in the Sugarscape office this morning.

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keith duffy from boyzone with niall horan from one direction

Mum Maura and brother Greg were there to join in the brthday fun too, as well as loads of One DIrection fans and a big old man with a beard - who could also be a One Direction fan to be honest. We shouldn't be so quick to judge.

greg horan and maura niall horan one direction mum

Click next for more pics of Niall swinging his club around and to get a look at the aforementioned beardy-man.


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niall horan from one direction birthday golf

Niall tweeted his weather-related concerns in the morning after seeing rain out of his window (and sitting next to it moodily, peering out with his hand on the pane of glass, reciting poetry and posing for a sepia instagram picture, we hope), but it looks like the sun came out for him.

Yep, even talking about the weather's more interesting when it involves One Direction.



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niall horan one direction birthday golf course


Also someone with a Justin Bieber bag, perhaps trying to entice Niall over to them given his recent bromantic escapades with the befringed American.

Happy Birthday Nialler, you stud.


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