The Aiden Grimshaw & Matt Cardle bromance lives on! New pic

Cast your minds back to The X Factor of yesteryear (plus one), and remember the fond affections of Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw. They were inseperable. Joined at the hip. Besotted. It was beautiful.

However, with Aiden being so busy with his album Misty Eye (which does NOT mean vagina, we're told) and Matt Cardle off doing... whatever it is Matt Cardle does these days, we feared the Maiden bromance was beginning to dwindle.

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matt cardle and aiden grimshaw


Matt and Aiden were snapped outside the Rose Club in London, having a cigarette and an intimate moment.

Just look at the way their heads lean towards each other. LOOK. If we had some sort of body language qualification we'd probably be allowed to say something like "The leaning of the faces towards each other suggests a deep intimacy shared between two men with a very strong, unbreakable bond of love."

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matt cardle aiden grimshaw

But we have no such thing, so we won't.

"He's a good friend of mine, I love the guy to bits - we're not in a relationship, obviously," Matt told us last year.

"He's a good mate of mine and an amazing singer, he lives just down the road."

Watch how he smiles when we talk about Aiden at 5.45;


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