Justin Bieber does Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie on The Ellen Show - video

Ellen Degeneres' favourite child stars Sophia Grace and Rosie invited Justin Bieber to be the latest celebrity to come round for their infamous Tea Time.

Justin sat in the lavish tea room and was interrogated by the girls, judged for his favourite cookie selection and serenaded - it was a pretty eventful few minutes.

justin bieber tea time with sophia grace and rosie

With the girls sitting on their lounger looking the picture of innocence in pink tutus and tiaras, you could almost forget their MAD SICK version of Nicki Minaj's Superbass exists, until Rosie brings us all back to reality by saying she would punch a shark in the face if she saw one, and Justin looks suitably awkward.

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What brilliant, brilliant viewing.

Check them out singing Superbass here

Justin Bieber's got a book out y'know, and we've got the never-before-seen pictures from it, check out Biebs on;

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