One Direction's Harry Styles leaves London Fashion Week party - pics

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Harry Styles has once again showed the world how much cooler he is than everyone else, by emerging from the swish Diesel Serpentine Galleries Future Contemporaries Party in Kensington Gardens last night.

harry styles leaves serpentine gallery

How chic.

Harry had made some inquisitive looking faces from the front row at the Burberry Prorsum show earlier in the day, and headed down to the afterparty where The Kills were performing, for a bit of bevs and banter, no doubt.

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harry styles lfw

While Harry's been off getting his 'fashwaaaan' on, Niall Horan's been demolishing a Wagamammas, Louis Tomlinson's been getting fit for his charity football match, Liam Payne's been prancing about topless in Florida, and... we don't know about Zayn. Probably creeping on Twitter seeing as he's so addicted.

harry styles london fashion week leaving burberry afterparty

Click next for pics of Hazza leaving the party and looking BUFF TINGS.

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harry stles london fashion week white shirt grey suit jacket

Of course, what reputable One Direction story would be complete with out some totally shameless close-ups on THE FACE?

Crap ones, that's what.


harry styles from one direction

Click next for more close up JOY that's not weird or pervy at all.

harry styles from one direction close up

See? Totally normal.

harry styles at london fashion week 2012

Sigh. We love our lives.


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