Harry Styles has a quiff AGAIN - in BLACK AND WHITE

When we first saw Harry Styles with a quiff, we needed a sit down. Now that he's got one AGAIN and there's MORE of it and it's in SEXY BLACK AND WHITE, we need to fully lie on a bed for a good half an hour with cold water being thrown all over us.

harry styles with a quiff for team grimmy


Harry's sporting the new 'do to support his brother from another mother, Nick Grimshaw, before he starts his new job on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show next week.

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harry styles with a quiff for team grimmy

Although his arm-graffiti skills may need some work, Harry's encouraging everyone to get involved in #TeamGrimmy to show their support for El Grimmers.

harry styles quiff

As long as he has that hairstyle we'll pretty much do anything he says - which we hope is a fact he'll use for good, rather than evil. Wiley Styles.

Seeing Hazza with Grimmy's hair, we couldn't help but wonder what it might look like the other way aroud, if Nick had Harry's hair for a bit.

Needless to say, our Photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired, and we've ended up scaring ourselves.

nick grimshaw with harry styles hair

Still, at least we don't need to lie down anymore.

Here's Harry with a quiff the first time around, just incase you need reminding

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