Louis Smith: "I won't take my top off on Strictly Come Dancing"

Louis Smith has made a bold and outrageous claim this week, telling more! magazine that he's got no plans to whip his top off when he competes on Strictly Come Dancing 2012. You know, that show that puts the men in silky shirts open to their waistline, possibly made of velcro to enable easy ripping-off.


louis smith on strictly come dancing 2012

"Probably not," said the Smithster when asked if he'd go topless.

"A lot of the dancers, especially the girls, have better stomachs than me. They're more tanned too."

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Er, Louis, nobody's comparing stomachs or tans on this show (it ain't TOWIE), if anything a whipping-off will probably help you get more points for your flamenco...

louis smith at mobo launch 2012

We give Louis approx 3 weeks before we at least see a sizeable amount of man-cleavage.

Will you be tuning in?

Louis Smith, Kimberley Walsh and the Strictly contestants 2012 sparkle up for the launch

Jessica Ennis, Louis Smith and Team GB cover Queen's Don't Stop Me Now

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