Harry Styles: "One Direction spend 75% of the time talking about girls"

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You might think that One Direction's international fame, queues of girls following them around, swelling bank balances, sharp clothes and tweaked hairstyles would make them confident successes with the ladies (and, y'know, all the actual success with the ladies they've had might lean you to this way of thinking as well), but it turns out they still need advice when it comes to gal pals.

"If I had to honestly tell you a percentage of time we spend talking about girls, I’d say 75 percent," Harry Styles told BOP magazine.

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one direction talking about girls

“I’d say it’s more like 80 percent," added Liam. Alright, no need to argue over the specifics.

“I can always tell if one of the other guys likes someone,” said Louis.

“The thing is, the five of us spend a lot of time in the car. We always go around and tell each other what we’ve done in the last few days. If someone is talking about the same person a lot, I can tell he likes her."

Well, yes, if you ask someone what they've been doing and they say "Lasquisha," that kind of gives the game away.

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one direction talking about girls

“We all give each other girl advice," Harry went on.

"If someone is having a problem with a girl, he’ll come into the car and tell everyone about it. We’ll all listen, then give our advice and talk about it.”

“We give the best advice as a group, because we have four different opinions,” said Louis.

“Between all of us, we come up with the best solutions to our girl problems.”

This car action sounds awesome. If the boys spend 75-80% of their time talking about girls, what do you reckon they spend the rest of their time chinwagging about? Being graph fans, we've made a small pie-chart to share our thoughts on the matter.

one direction thought pie chart

Feel free to correct us how you see fit in the comments box below.


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