Zayn Malik hotel recording version 2.0? Is this even him?

Before we say anything and Directioners start kicking off and sending us diseases in the post, we are NOT SAYING THIS IS ZAYN MALIK. Right.

A recording has emerged online of a Northern bloke on the phone to an American girl and her friends, giving her directions into a hotel surrounded by ‘fans’ so they can come and meet him and his friend ‘Harry’.

Some people are claiming the fella in question is Zayn Malik.

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zayn malik hotel recording

The guy tells the girl to use a fake name if anyone asks her who she is, and to “walk straight in, don’t get involved with people outside because there’s fans outside and you don’t want to look like a fan.”

“You two just walk straight in and get in the lift, if they ask who you are your name’s Cristabel Riley. That’s your name.”

They both seem to get a bit annoyed at each other, raising their voices a few times when the girl says she’s twenty minutes away, and the bloke WHO COULD BE ANYONE tells her “Harry says you have to be a bit quicker than that”, before the girls tell him to calm down and that he’ll get some “booty” soon.

Check out the recording and make your own mind up;


Is this video the reason Zayn quit Twitter?

"Rumours make Zayn and Perrie stronger"

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