Niall Horan tells Alan Carr about Demi Lovato's Pink Taco

It seems that Niall Horan and Demi Lovato can deny rumours they’re dating all they like, but people are still gonna quiz them about it. Such is the life of a glamorous popstrel who can make gals the world-over go weak at the knees with an Irish accent and Peri-Peri breath. Sigh.

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Popping in for a chat with Alan Carr for tonight’s episode of Chattyman, Niall faced another grilling about his post-VMAs date with Demi Lovato, when they went out for Mexican food at the The Pink Taco – which is an ACTUAL NAME of a restaurant, and not a pretend word for vagina. You filthy things.

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“We went for a bit of dinner after the VMAs,” Niall told Alan.

“And I can’t back out of that because the restaurant tweeted that we were there! We just had a bit of dinner.”

“Traveling around the world and all the promo that we do — it doesn't leave time for a girlfriend,” he told The Mirror this month.

“It really doesn't. Demi is really cool and we're really good friends.”

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SO THERE. When he wasn’t talking tacos, Niall and the rest of the boys gave Alan Carr some of their best moves in a brand new dance-off.

Check out the pics of the dancing here

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