While everyone in the world always wants to know everything about One Direction, from the last time they sneezed to how they wipe their bums, the interest around Harry Styles and his love life can be slightly more intense.

We'll admit, we always want to know who the latest woman he's had in his Range Rover is, and whether she was born before the invention of colour TV or not; and Louis Tomlinson admits that the stories take the heat off the rest of the band.

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In Fabulous magazine (out today), Luigi is asked if he's thankful that Hazza's antics take the heat off the others.

"I don't know about thankful. I feel sorry for him sometimes.

"I mean it can be quite intense but he knows when he's going out to these places that sometimes these kinds of things happen. And yeah, it's easier for the rest of us."

Now come on Luigi, you know it's not that bad for Hazza, he lives off the smell of cougars mixed with Range Rover's leather interior.

How interested are you in Arreh's love life? Is it the most interesting thing about 1D, or would you rather listen to Niall Horan talk about being hungry?

What do you think?