Harry Styles reveals his favourite position

Hugging is a serious business, especially when it comes down to hugging in a bed. A certain amount of space is required, but also you still need a sufficient level of physical contact to make the hug worth it in the first place. It really is a minefield.

Harry Styles knows exactly how he likes to hug though, well spoon to be precise.

Harry Styles

“I am big spoon,” the One Direction hottay told Smallzy on Australia’s NovaFM.

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When asked if he was sure about his answer, or if he sometimes liked to mix things up, Hazza considered this before replying: “Yea I think I’m big spoon.

“It also depends on the person you’re with, because I had a girlfriend a while ago who preferred to be the big spoon.”

Harry Styles likes to be the big spoon. Sexy.

A girlfriend who liked to be the big spoon, eh? Who could that have been?

Respect to Caroline Flack if she took on the role of the Big S, she’s like 5-foot-nothing and would have had to have dealt with some serious back in her face. Like we said, hugging is a minefield.

Here's some more of Harry talking about positions he likes:


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