Jesy Little Mix, Rita Ora & Louis Walsh: Union J reveal their celebrity crushes

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The X Factor's Union J have already become a top conversation topic here at Sugarscape HQ, and the live shows haven't even started yet.

We've debated who is fittest, we've discussed what the boys would look like in nothing but their undercrackers, and we've pondered whether George Shelley really IS the lovechild of Harry Styles and Liam Payne.

union j outside radio 1

So you can imagine that we were a little bit disappointed when the Union J lads revealed their crushes - AND WE WEREN'T ON THE LIST.

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Ok, Ok so Josh, JJ, George and Jaymi were talking about their celebrity crushes, but still.

Speaking to Now Magazine, George began by saying: 'Jesy from Little Mix. Please put that, so I can meet her.'

'I'm obsessed with Michelle Keegan,' revealed JJ. 'Can you give her my number?'

Jaymi meanwhile, went for: 'Rita Ora, but I didn't fancy her until she was on the show. JJ was like a rabbit in the headlights! He couldn't speak.'

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x factor judges houses preview pics

This was when things got a bit weird.

'To be fair, the two judges we've got [Tulisa and Nicole] aren't bad either,' said JJ.

'But Louis is my favourite,' responded Josh.

Pa ha ha. We get that he's your mentor and everything Joshy, but you are talking about crushes here. As in people you want to snog.

What do you think of Union J's celeb crushes?

Watch this video of Lawson, Carly Rae Jepsen and Conor Maynard talking about who THEY fancy while you ponder your answer.


So X Factor's George Shelley is a bit fit isn't he?

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George Shelley: 'I'm the child of Harry Styles and Liam Payne'

Images: ITV Pictures/WENN

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