Zayn Malik: 'I had to get used to Niall Horan's farts'

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Having had a fair few daydreams about Zayn Malik in our time, we'd always thought he'd smell rather nice. Probably of some sort of exotic aftershave and hair products mixed with a dash of mint imperials.

But as it turns out, you might want to think twice before taking a whiff of him or fellow One Direction bandmate Niall Horan as apparently they like nothing more than to fart the day away together - even if it did take Zayn some getting used to at first

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Zayn Malik Pouting

While we're more used to Louis swinging about the sass bag, it sounds like when they first got together, it was Zayn who took a while to get used to the laddish ways of the rest of the band.

But apparently being trapped in a small space with Niall's bodily functions soon got him into the swing of things. That or the variety of odours have had some sort of permanent effect on his brain anyway.

"When I first got with the boys Niall would fart all the time and I wasn't used to that," Zayn explained to The Sun. "But you just get used to it, you learn how to be a lad."

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In fact the barriers have come down so far that now Zayn and Niall's alone time together is really a very special time for them both.

"Before I knew it I was farting away with him, just letting myself go," he continued.


Zayn Malik and Niall Horan bond over farts

"Having three sisters I was used to being around girls all the time - so to be around lads all the time is really new - I finally get to be a lad!"

As lovely as the image of the lads bonding away over their farts is, it's apparently made them closer than ever.

"We were saying it's going to be really strange when we all have kids, they are going to have four uncles as well as our own family," DJ Malik added.

While the love of farting probably explains all those intense looks we've seen Zayn pulling out all over the place, we can't wait to see what sort of life lessons the lads have for each other's offspring.

We're guessing it'll start with sass appreciation and farting 101. Oh and probably the correct terminology for boobs or something..


What else do you think they'll have to share?

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