Liam Payne: "Leona Lewis is hot"

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One Direction are each hosting their own radio shows on BBCR1 today, and first up was the soothing, dulcet tones of our favourite Captain Sensible, as Liam Payne joined Gemma Cairney for the Breakfast Show.

liam payne and gemma cairney on radio 1

OH what a laugh they had, they talked to girls on the phone and made them scream at their siblings, Gemma got 1D shaved into her head and painted on her nails, and then just before the end gave Liam a bit of a grilling about Leona Lewis.

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After being asked about any dalliances with a popstar of late, Liam said that; “I’d just like to highlight the fact that I’m currently single.” Gemma mentioned that Liam’s said in the past that Leona Lewis is his celebrity crush, and asked if it still stands today;

liam payne and gemma cairney on radio one

“Yeah,” said Liam – a little reluctantly. “Yeah, she’s hot.”

“Have you ever been for dinner with her?” probed Gemma. PROBED.

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“No,” said Liam, before Mumford and Sons was hastily put on.

But that wasn’t it for The Cairney, after Coldplay and Rihanna’s track Princess of China was introduced, she suggested that maybe Liam do a collaboration with Leona, to which he just laughed and asked “Have we QUITE finished?!”

Oh the LOLs.

Let’s look back at this video from 2010 when the boys were fresh off the X Factor, and Liam told us all about fancying Leona. Dawww.



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Pics: Twitter

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