Look, it's Louis Tomlinson in a motorbike helmet.

Louis Tomlinson is a man of mystery. A man of quick witted charm and many hair-dos, and now, a man of a motorbike helmet. We think.

louis tomlinson motorbike helmet

A man of a helmet anyway. Louis was snapped outside the Radio 1 studios in his new headwear over the weekend. We literally have nothing else to say about it, apart from LOOK, THERE’S LOUIS AND HIS NICE SHINY HELMET, gripping onto the back of some strapping motorbike man before they ride off into the distance together. Or at least to another part of London.

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louis tomlinson motorbike helmet

Maybe he’ll ask Zayn where he buys his sandwiches from and swing by the shop underneath the office in the hope of bumping into Sugarscape over a BLT and some crisps (check our Instagram if you’re feeling lost about this).

louis tomlinson motorbike helmet

The insurance to put a member of One Direction on the back of a motorbike must be INSANE. No pressure on the fella in the driving seat, but if he chucks a 1D lad off on the gravel he’ll have the lives of one hundred million girls to fix. Plus a few men.

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