One Direction launch 'Bring Me To 1D' Golden Ticket competition

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If we told you there was a chance you could meet One Direction and you don't even have to spend 6 hours hidden in a bin to do it, we're guessing you might be mildly interested in hearing what we have to say..

With that in mind you might want to stop washing the cat and get a firm hold on your ovaries because if you head straight over to 1D's website now, you might just be able to bag yourself a Golden Ticket to meet them as part of their brand new Bring Me To 1D comp.

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One Direction launch Bring Me To 1D Golden ticket competition - UK leg open now!

The lads announced the comp last week, but if you happen to have spent the last few days with your head in an underground hole, the general idea is that there are golden tickets up for grabs all over the world, which will get you, a pal AND a guardian a trip to  to New York. Not only will you get the chance to see 1D play Madison Square Garden on 3rd December, but you'll get to spend the next day on a very special da out with them.

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That's right, you will ge to MEET the band, which we're guessing means you might even get a cheeky fondle out of it. By which we merely mean a very politically correct pat on the shoulder and no rogue chest fondling, obviously.

There are tickets up for grabs all over the world and how you get your hands on them depend on where you live. Saying that, the UK leg has just been announced so if you fancy a crack, you'll need to listen in to Capital FM every day this week, where you'll get a chance to show that you're the biggest 1D fan around.

One Direction launch Bring Me To 1D Golden ticket competition - UK leg open now!

So what do you think of that? Will you be entering and more importantly, what on earth are you going to do if you win?

We'd be sorely tempted to marinate ourselves in Peri Peri sauce and present ourselves as a gift to Niall, but y'know, that's just us.

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