Dating Profiles: Check out how One Direction, The Wanted and Ed Sheeran find love

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When you’re really good looking and in a one of the world’s biggest boybands, it’s really, really hard to get girls to fancy you, let alone want to date you. No, really.

Here at Sugarscape we like to feel that aside from writing about and perving on some of our favourite music types, we also like to be a bit of a public service for them. A dating service, of you will. So worry not, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Max George, Jay McGuiness and Ed Sheeran; because we have decided to create some online profiles for millions of people to see of you.

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“Father with no children WLTM Leona look-alike, who doesn’t mind me touching my Paynis…”

Liam Payne

"My day job is being in a boy band, but my main passion in life is to just sit back and enjoy the quieter moments. I’m not a parent, but I do my fair share of looking after three strapping lads and a Sasquatch; I’ll therefore need a woman with equal levels of patience and level headedness.

"Friends describe me as 'the sensible one', but I’m also known for my intense headlock skills. Get in touch and we can be on like donkey kong."

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“Ex footballer, current boyband member, WLTM someone who likes shaved heads and swearing …”

Max George

"I’ve just come out of a serious relationship so just looking for a bit of fun really. Currently touring the world loads, so you can be from anywhere, you just need to enjoy pints.

"I have a newfound love for wildlife documentaries about lions and like to go GRRRR. I once got beaten up by my ex in the street, so would prefer it if my new bird didn’t knee me in the balls."





“Big nostriled slow talker, looking for mature lady who appreciates rides in Range Rovers…”

Harry Styles

"Are you a fan of the original Dallas? Were you around to see The Beatles perform? Or maybe you have a penchant for Jeremy Clarkson? Then I could be the One Thing missing in your life.

"I’m beyond my years but feel age is just a number. I enjoy getting naked when you’re least expecting it and have the tendency to take 30 minutes to get one sentence out. My mate Ed says I’m ‘packing heat’, so why don’t you let me give you a lift in my Range Rover for you to discover this yourself."





“Vegetarian, looking for someone to dress me and love my lizard…”

Jay McGuiness

"Hello… you… I’m in a band called The Wanted which means I often have a lot of knickers thrown at my head and get very drunk. Secretly I’m just as happy reading Game of Thrones while stroking my lizard.

"Would like to meet a fun loving lady who I can recite poetry and things that rhyme with rude words at. Oh, and maybe brush my hair."





“Nando’s loving Obama supporter, enjoys tweeting Robbie Savage and being Irish…”

Niall Horan

"I’m an affectionate lad and once you get used to me lingo you won’t mind it if I call ye a c**t.

"I’m into football, playing me guitar, drinking, tweeting Robbie Savage and Alexandra Burke, and farting. I’m quite lazy so looking for someone who can find me and bring me Nando’s. If you look like Demi Lovato that wouldn’t be a problem."





“Ginger, likes guitars, Lego and tattooing my mates. Needs a woman who will let me wear hoodies without fear of judgment…”

Ed Sheeran

 "Hi I’m pretty quiet and just like hanging out with my mates. I’m crap at talking to girls and although I should be shagging everything that moves, I’m not. So maybe stand still and wait while I try out some lines on you.

"I’m in a pretty serious bromance with Harry Styles right now, so you’d have to make room in your life for him and his massive willy."

So who would you date out of all these beauts?

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