One Direction get a sixth member for brand new Pepsi advert - VIDEO

After that first sneak peek of One Direction and American Footballer Drew Brees' brand new advert for Pepsi, we've tracked down the full video and a behind the scenes look at the director teaching Harry Styles how to open a fridge door.

One Direction behind the scenes on their Pepsi Commercial

Adding yet more coins to their tower of chocolate pennies, the lads signed a deal to star in the new Pepsi Campaign a couple of months ago and filmed the advert while they were over in the US.

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Clearly multi-tasking is a lot more complicated than it looks so the production crew took a bit of time to help Harry work out how to open a door and whistle at the same time..

We love how they clearly have no idea who the bloke is. He's probably not the right sort of cougar although he seems to like dressing up as one of the lads.

The sparkly new advert is pretty funny, so check it out..

So what do you think of that then? Will you tripping over yourself to rub cans of that particular brand of fizzy pop on your face forever more?

Comments please!

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