One Direction talk willy sizes in the toilets at the Teen Awards - VIDEO

Being as famous as they are, you might imagine One Direction's dressing rooms to be paved with shag pile carpets and golden curtain rings. But being the down to earth guys that they are, the lads preferred to spend their time at the Teen Awards hanging out in the toilets.

Seeking them out for a chat, Radio 1's Matt Edmonson joined the lads in the bogs and after double checking the angle of their quiffs were just right, the conversation naturally turned to willy sizes and dirty dreams about Kat Slater.

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One Direction discuss penis size and dirty dreams about Cat Slater in the toilets at the Teen Awards - VIDEO

It turns out that the loo is no longer a place for quiet reflection and cutching up together, the lads answered all sorts of questions.

Inspired by the setting of the interview, the chat turned to all things toilet humour related and we have to say, the video has taught us some very important lessons including;

1. Louis Tomlinson's puppet voice is the stuff of nightmares.

2. It's probably best not to imagine Harry Styles touching up Nick Grimshaw on a rollercoaster.

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3. Squatting over a mirror to look at you bum is not advisable.

4. Niall Horan does not like being asked about penis sizes.

Check it out..

We're not sure what's more disturbing, the fact that Liam has dirty dreams about Kat Slater or that Peter Andre uses his iPad to look at his own arse.

What do you think about all this? Comments please..

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