Zayn Malik explains the mystery meaning of his tattoos

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It's no secret that Zayn Malik is a bit of a fan of a tattoo. To be fair, with all those inkings he's been getting it would be fairly difficult to hide that one, but getting philsophical about the whole thing, the Bradford Bad Boy decided to explain what a few of them are all about.

First up is the crossed fingers Zayn's got on his right forearm. Apparently it's not just about showing off how much he bloody loves queueing up for his weekly lottery ticket, which is naturally what we'd assumed, and it's actually totes emosh.

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"It's for the future - a hope that everything goes well," Zayn told Seventeen.

We can never help noticing that Arabic quote Zayn has on his collarbone. Mainly because we're always on the look out for him showing off his naked chest, but apparently it's not just a ploy to want to see him naked after all.

Translating it, Zayn explained: "It says, 'Be true to who you are.'

"I don't believe in changing for other people."

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Then of course there's that dirty great microphone he's got on his arm. Continuing with the theme that he seems to be going with, we were imagining that there was no way it could be just because he likes singing. Surely it's mucho more likely to besome sort of memento to remind him to use his famous popstar powers for the good of humankind?

Err, apparently not.

"I think this is kind of self-explanatory," he said.

Oh, alright then badger features.

Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo at MTV VMAs

Last up is that brand new and rather colourful 'Zap' he's got going on. It's a bit different to the other tatts, but while the rest of us generally spend half an hour mooching about in a gallery when we feel like being cultural, Zayn has actually decided to turn himself into a piece of modern art.

"I recently got this one, which just symbolises my love for comic books," he explained. "It filled a nice spot, and I've always loved comic book art."

Hmm, you say that Zayn, but we thought it had something to do with that secret society you and Louis are involved with?

Zayn Malik

Hands up who thinks the next additions are going to involve a life-size badger face on his shin. Or abs, we're not fussy.

Thoughts below please.

Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo at the 2012 VMAs

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