One Direction to get Americans up in the mornings

For many of us, the thought of Zayn Malik’s chiselled jawline, Harry Styles’ bouncy curls, or the possibility of Niall Horan treating us to a Nando’s is enough to get us out of bed on these cold wintery days.

For others though, it seems a recorded message telling them to go to school is planned to do the trick. Here’s a little snippet of the message;

One Direction, Ciara and Chris Pine have lent their voices to the Get Schooled campaign, aimed at encouraging American students to get out of bed and pop along to school in the mornings.

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one direction get schooled campaign

You can sign up to receive a call here, and the winning school (with the highest attendance gains and engagement levels) wins a celebrity principal for the day.

Not sure how well that’s gonna work, we’d probably be extra naughty for the day if Louis Tomlinson was handing out the discipline.

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