George Shelley: School bullies broke my wrist

There’s nothing more crap than a bully, true fact; and George Shelley knows this only too well.

George Shelley

Speaking to The Daily Star, The X Factor hottie spoke about how he was picked on for his weight so much so that bullies ended up breaking his wrist.

“I was 12 stone and really short. All the other boys loved football and I just wanted to play my guitar. I was always the last one picked because no one wanted the fatty who couldn’t run,” said the Union J singer.

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“The worst thing that happened was we were playing football and one of the kids purposefully kicked the ball as hard as they could right at me.

“I put my hands up to protect my face and ended up breaking my wrist.”

Moving schools so much meant that George was a bit of a “loner”, but says all that has changed since joining Union J.

“I went to a lot of schools because we moved house quite a lot. I never had the chance to make any solid friends but I always had my guitar so I was OK.

“I was a bit of a loner at school but now I’m in Union J I have the best mates I could want.”

Union J

Excuse us while we just wipe a tear away. Oh bloody hell Georgio, come here into our loving embrace and let us smell your hair.

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