It's Louis Tomlinson snogging a girl in a school play of Grease - VIDEO

Louis Tomlinson might be sassier than a cat in a horizontally striped onesie, but underneath all that cool is an inner thespian just dying to get out.

That's a drama type to the rest of us and if you needed a bit more proof, we've tracked down a video of Luigi starring as Danny in a school play of Grease. We're talking way back before One Direction was even a twinkle in Simon Cowell's eye.

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson kisses a girl for his school play of Grease - VIDEO

Before we get into just how great Luigi looks in a leather jacket, we are aware this has be lurking about on the internet for a bit, but frankly we felt it was time that greater attention was brought to him hip thrusting and snogging girls live on stage.

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Now if we remember correctly, it was Louis getting his naked bum cheeks out during his school play of Grease that got him suspended, so you probably want to imagine that as you relive this precious moment..

We're not 100% sure why he's laying on the floor having a sing either, but we do know that we like it. Bring on One Direction: The Musical.

What do you think of Louis as Danny Zuko?

Comments please..

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