Does Niall Horan have his eyes on a cougar, Glenda Gilson?

From now on October 23rd will now be named Day of the Cougar. After all that goss about District3’s Dan Ferrari-Lane and Katie Price, we now have some more cougar related news thanks to Niall Horan and his liking for 31-year-old presenter Glenda Gilson.

According to heat mag, the One Direction O’Fittlinson has been pursuing the Irish model and presenter for a while now and even flirted his way through an interview with her. When she asked him about hooking up with any girls the night before, he replied: “No, I didn’t. You didn’t show up!” SMOOTH.

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The night she was referring to the Hozmiester had been out with his mates and texting Glenda trying to get her to come out.

Glenda, who is “madly in love” with her boyfriend, told heat: “He’d been wanting me to go out, but I didn’t, as I don’t want to be the new Caroline Flack and be hated by every woman in the world. I refused to be that one.”

Don’t mince your words there, Glends.

A source close to Niall told the mag: “He has the hots for her. He’d been having a few drinks with the band and, as the drinks flowed, he seemed increasingly determined to get Glenda out with him and his friends, but she was asleep at home!”

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Even Niall himself is being strangely un-cagey about all this, admitting: “Yes, I had been trying to get hold of Glenda during the night, but she couldn’t come out in the end. It’s fine though, we’re good friends. We have a great craic together.”

Not that we really need any more, but here we have TWO pieces of evidence that Niall wants to show Glenda his wand erection.

Exhibit 1: Check out the insane chemistry in this interview.

Exhibit 2: Click here to see Niall back in December last year saying he wants to take Glenda on a date. (Also Harry talks about Caroline Flack, Zayn Malik says he wants to take Perrie Edwards to Nando’s, and Liam Payne goes on about fancying Leona Lewis. Oh what prophecies.)

So there you have it, Niall is moving into Cougar Town. CASE CLOSED.

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