Kate Moss helping Harry Styles to decorate his new flat?

Now that Harry Styles has flown the One Direction nest and bought himself a fancy new pad, he's naturally going to need some help sorting things out.

With the other lads presumably running away at the merest mention of paint charts and feng shui, Hazza wasn't phased and instead of hiring an interior designer, he apparently decided to give Kate Moss a call to see if she fancied giving him a hand.

Kate Moss helping Harry Styles to redecorate his new London house?

We can't say K-Mozza (can we call her that?) would be the first person we'd call up to help us with a spot of DIY but apparently she was pretty up for the challenge, rounding up her personal florist and heading straight round to Harry's to sort out his decorating nightmare.

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It sounds like she wasn't so keen on getting in there with the glue gun though, so it sounds like the rest of 1D might be left with the job of sticking individual crystals onto everything Hazza owns.

"Harry has a rough idea of what he wanted the place to look like but didn't really know where to start," a source apparently blabbed to The Sun.

''Kate has given him a list of her trusted furnishing contacts and her favourite shops and told him to get on to them. She's even given him the number of her florist.

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''Kate thinks Harry's really sweet and she's more than happy to help him out,' the source added.

Kate Moss helping Harry Styles to redecorate his new London house?

Apparently the call was no surprise to the supermodel, although we can't help thinking it might have been a bit weird after it was reported that the first thing Harry did after buying the place was to invest in a portrait of his new DIY inspiration.

''We're sending him Bambi's painting of Rihanna and a Banksy print of Kate Moss. Harry knows Robbie Williams and Brad Pitt both own a Bambi," the art dealer told the paper.

What do you think about all this - can you see Kate giving Harry's new boudoir the once over?

Comments please!

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