Harry Styles: "Liam Payne has been kissing too many girls"

You might think that Liam Payne would be too busy making eyes at the spoons in the cutlery drawer to give his love life much of a thought, but according to One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, he's been off kissing all sorts of ladies.

Harry Styles says Liam Payne has been kissing too many girls

Before you explode in excitement, you don't need to worry as he hasn't been off locking lips with Leona Lewis or anything like that.

In fact it's all a bit of a joke that came about after Liam missed an interview with the rest of the lads at Manchester radio station Key 103 due to a mysterious lurgy.

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"He's been kissing too many girls," Harry joked. We repeat JOKED.

It's alright though as apparently the rest of the lads have been playing nurse - or at least they would have been if Liam hadn't been chucked straight into quarantine.

Check out the full video..

We have to say that we're pretty glad he hasn't been off kissing lots of girls, but what do you think about all this?

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