X Factor's James Arthur: 'I'd love a girl who can look after me'

With all the crazy, lust-fuelled fangirling surrounding X Factor boybands District 3 and Union J - fellow finalist James Arthur has been somewhat overlooked so far.

That doesn't mean he's not getting shiz-loads of female attention though - the 24-year-old hottie has been fequently pictured partying with a bevy of beautiful ladies, and was even snapped returning to his hotel with not just one, but TWO gal pals after a night out.

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james arthur describes his ideal girl

Now James has opened up about what he looks for in a laydee, and revealed his idea of a perfect date. Yes, this would be a good time for all you Arthur fans out there to PAY ATTENTION.

"I'm more into brunettes than blondes these days," James told new! magazine. "I like women to be chilled out, real and not pretentious."

As for his perfect date, James still enjoys the simple things in life - despite his new found fame.

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"It'd involve cuddling up in a blanket, watching a DVD with a takeaway," he said. "I'd love someone who can look after me and is a real lady.

James Arthur

"You need chemistry, There's too much pressure on people to have sex too soon. That can ruin the chance of longevity in a relationship," he added.

Very deep. What do you think of the Arf's comments?

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Images: ITV Pictures

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