Niall Horan's got some "sick" love for Justin Bieber

Niall Horan’s never been shy about his love for Justin Bieber; they hang out when Niall’s in LA, when El Biebo’s in the UK, and probably in each others’ dreams.

They cook noodles together, have “guys nights” together, and hopefully take long baths together and film them, saying “bro” at each other a lot. That’s just how we like to imagine it.

justin bieber and niall horan

Anyway, Niall’s recently come out with a new bumbling of love for The Biebatron, telling Now magazine that when he auditioned for the X Factor he was “a self confessed fan of him.”

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“Justin was someone I wanted to emulate,” he went on.

“He’s a super-talented dude. Even now when we’re jamming on the guitar, you just want to hear that guy sing. He’s got a great set of lungs on him. He can dance, too. I’ve actually been to the rehearsals for his tour, it’s ridiculous.”

niall horan and justin bieber

Well, that’s one big love load coming from Niall Horan there (that didn’t sound so dirty in our heads). Nialler went on to say that there’s been “no mention” of a collaboration between 1D and The Biebs, revealing “it was just a rumour and we haven’t really spoken about it, but it would be sick to collaborate with someone that big.”

Yeah Niall, sick. Mad sick. One Direction are teensy aren’t they? Can pretty much do with all the help they can get… that’s why we write about them so much, just trying to help launch their careers, you know?



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