Will Sweeny: "Harry Styles used to think he sounded awful when he sang"

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Right W-Sweenz, before we talk about Harry, let's talk about Harry's mum.

She might be the fittest mum we’ve ever seen, would you care to agree?
I don’t disagree.

Is she popular with Harry’s friends?

She is! I don’t know whether it’s because of her looks or not but she’s just a really nice lady. She welcomed me into the home and I was pretty much able to walk in and out whenever I wanted, and she used to cook me tea even when Harry wasn’t there. She’s always been a really nice lady. All of my and Harry’s friends have always got on really well with Anne.

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Is that because you all fancy her?
Ha. Probably. I wouldn’t put it past them. We call her Foxy Coxy. She changed her Twitter name and everything [laughs] Oh god. Right, let’s get some background about how you met Harry We met when we were about 11 years old, we were in the same school. I can’t really remember a reason for why we started talking.

Did you feel drawn to each other because you had the same hair?
Ha! Well, at the time we both had really short, spiky hair. Which is completely opposite to what we have now.

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So the same hair but different…hair
Um, yes. Anyway, we started talking and I pretty much instantly knew that this guy was pretty much the same as I was, and I think the same week I went to his house, he went to my house, I think he stayed over during the first week. We just got on really well and clicked instantly, it was great.

This is so romantic. Tell us about the band.
OK I’ll give you a shortened version of the story. There was me and my friend Hayden Morris who’s also one of Harry’s oldest friends. He plays guitar, I play drums – I’ve played drums all my life. Me and Hayden said to each other “Well you play drums, I play guitar, why don’t we have a jam session?” So maybe like 3 or 4 times a week he came over to my house and we just played all cover songs, with just a guitar and drums. Ooh. Then we said we should get a singer and a bass guitar in, let’s see how that goes. We had no intention of taking the band anywhere we just wanted to see how it all sounded.

Well that didn’t work did it?
Ha! Well, no. Anyway. I said to Harry that I think he should learn the bass guitar, and he was like “Yeah, I will, I like the bass,” so we went on the internet and we were looking at bass guitars. Then we realised our other friend called Nick plays the bass guitar, so it was stupid making Harry learn the bass when Nick already played, so we asked him Why don’t you sing?” He was like ‘Oh, no no no, I don’t wanna sing, I can’t sing “ and we were like “Well, we think you should sing.”

Had you ever heard him sing before?
No, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to though.

Was it like Ariel on The Little Mermaid? This amazing voice came out?
Er, well when he sang you could tell he had a good voice. It needed work but so does everyone’s, but you could tell he could sing. He progressed really, really well. He was quite reluctant at first because he was self conscious about how his voice sounded. Every time he listened back to himself he’d be like “Ohh it sounds awful!”

None of the crotch-grabby thrusty action we say today then eh?
Haha! No. But he got into his stride, and that’s kind of how him and singing came together. What were you playing then? The first thing we did as a band was a cover of… well, a new music teacher came in, and because he was new he wanted to do a competition so he made a battle of the bands. So we were like, never practiced, had a week to practice and entered the competition and won the whole thing. There were like 12 bands in there and we won the whole thing. We did a sped up version of Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, and Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. We won £100 between us, and like 4 CDs of our tracks being recorded which was absolutely terrible because it was done at the schoool.

What about the songs you wrote yourself? Were they all angsty and full of the pain of loving teenage girls?
Well, we mainly did covers because we just wanted to get together as a band and play, but then we wrote originals. We did a gig with 7 or 8 covers and just threw in an original at the end, and still to this day people ask where they can download that song.

What was it called?
Erm… oh bloody hell this is embarrassing. It was called Gone In A Week. That was the only original song with Harry in it.

Did Harry help write it?
Yeah Harry wrote the lyrics, I think it was Harry, Hayden and Nick who wrote the lyrics.

So was it about a girl who was gone in a week? Or just about someone’s pet dying or something?
I think it was “I’ll be gone in a week or two, I don’t need any jackets or shoes, all I need is you.”

It wasn’t about anybody, but it was about loving “a” woman, if that makes sense.

Oh Will, more than you'll ever know.

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